Monday, January 11, 2010

1967 Topps Tommy Hutton & Gene Michael Los Angeles Dodgers

The mailbox had no new autographs today to add to my 1967 Topps Collection so I went back into my set and found this gem. This is a dual signed card by Tom Hutton and Gene Michael, rookie stars of the 1967 Los Angeles Dodgers. Card #428 in the set.

I first sent the card to Tommy Hutton on January 6, 2009 and 41 days later, it showed up with great signature in blue sharpie. I debated sending it to Gene Michael, because I had heard he was a tough signature through the mail. But on July 6, 2009, I mailed it to Mr. Michael and hoped I would see it again. 103 days later, I received a great surprise in the mail, Gene Michael had returned the card with a beautiful blue signature.

Both players had long careers and are still involved in the game now. Tommy Hutton is a broadcaster for the Florida Marlins and Gene Michael managed the New York Yankees and Chicago Cubs. To learn more about the players, click on their names and see their biographies on

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