Wednesday, February 3, 2010

1967 Topps Rusty Staub Mets Houston Astros

The streak is over! There were three different 1967 Topps Autographed cards in the mailbox today. The favorite of the three is that of Rusty Staub, outfielder of the Houston Astros. Card number 73 out of the set of 609 cards. The reason I chose Rusty Staub as the favorite is because finding his autographed card is difficult.

The 1967 Topps Autographed Rusty Staub was obtained from a respected dealer on ebay and arrived in quick time. This marks the 447th autographed card in my collection, still many more to go.

Rusty "Le Grande Orange" Staub's career lasted 23 years and he played on five different teams. His career started in 1963 for the Houston Colt 45's/Astros, then Montreal Expos, New York Mets, Detroit Tigers and Texas Rangers. He retired in 1985 with a .279 career batting average, 2716 hits, 292 home runs and 1466 runs batted in. Rusty was named to 6 All-Star teams, inducted into the New York Mets Hall of Fame and the Montreal Expos retired his uniform number 10.

Rusty, Ty Cobb and Gary Sheffield share the distinction of being the only players to hit home runs before turning 20 years old, and after turning 40 years old. To learn more about Rusty Staub and his biography, go to

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